Terms & Conditions

1. Product purchase, layout design, submission rules:

  1.1 Production documents are online typesetting. The time limit for saving online documents is three months.

         Vineyard Photobook is not responsible for the loss of documents after the expiration date.

  1.2 Delivery time: We promise 7 or 10 business days for delivery ; Business days exclude the day of submission, Saturday, Sunday,

         and public holidays;

  1.3 The validity period of the product exchange code is one year from the date of purchase; no refund or extension will be granted;

  1.4 Once purchased, the product must not be replaced with other sizes or types;

  1.5 Expedited fee: If the customer requests an expedited production, each item (category) product has an expedited fee of $300

         and will be completed within 4 or 5 business days;

  1.6 Product delivery: You can pick up the goods in the store at Pioneer Center or choose SF Express. (Customers shall be responsible

         for the delivery fee and settle the payment upon collecting the products.)

  1.7 Uploading pornography and indecent photos is strictly prohibited. The content must not exceed the scope allowed by Hong Kong law.

         Otherwise, our company has the right to refuse production; the company will abide by personal privacy protection, will not distribute

         or leak any personally owned photos.


2. Cash voucher rules

  2.1 One cash voucher can be used for one order only.
  2.2 When you place order it can be used as cash equivalently.
  2.3 Vineyard Photobook retain the final interpretation.


3. Prepaid coupon rules:

  3.1 Prepaid vouchers are one-time payment for customers to purchase recharge coupons, such as cash 3,000 yuan to purchase 4,000

         yuan recharge coupons. Guests can buy and redeem any product from Vineyard Photobook online;

  3.2 Prepaid vouchers/codes do not register to a name; Loss is not registered. Prepaid vouchers need to be recharged online as soon as

         possible after purchase;

  3.3 After the prepaid voucher has been recharged, there is no time limit to use. The remaining balance will not be refunded.


4. Quality Problem:

  4.1 Complaints about the quality of the goods should be submitted within 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods. The complaint,

         with sufficient picture description, can be sent to info@vineyardphotobook.com; The customer service center will contact you to               

         handle the issues;

  4.2 If the quality of the products is not up to standard, customers should return the them before remaking them.

  4.3 If the products are damaged during shipping, please contact us and provide pictures


5. Liability for damages

        If the products are not delivered as scheduled due to our system error, please notify us immediately and we will complete the delivery

within 72 hours. However, we are not responsible for any direct or indirect liability and compensation due to the omission.